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So… putting the treat back into wax treatment

We are proud to say as a Waxperts salon, we have a no double-dipping policy. This means we do not re-dip the spatula back in the wax pot, so once it touches your skin it is disposed of. It eliminates any possibility of bacteria, hair or secretion being transferred back into the wax pot and being reapplied back onto you or the next client. This ensures the safest most hygienic treatment for you.


Treatment Price List

WaxingManagementSenior TherapistTherapist
Top Lip*£15.00£13.00£11.00
Lip & Chin*£20.00£17.00£15.00
Nasal Hot Wax£15.00£13.00£11.00
Underarm Hotwax£24.00£21.00£19.00
Full Leg Strip Wax£41.00£31.00£28.00
Half Leg Strip Wax£31.00£24.00£21.00
Arms Strip Wax£26.00£21.00£19.00
Back Strip Wax£27.00£24.00£21.00
Chest Strip Wax£27.00£24.00£21.00
Back and Chest Strip Wax£45.00£39.00£35.00
Bikini Line Hot Wax£28.00£25.00£22.00
G String Hot Wax£33.00£30.00£27.00
Brazilian Hot Wax£39.00£36.00£33.00
Hollywood Hot Wax£43.00£40.00£37.00

*Hot or strip